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About Me



Vanessa is a homeschooling mom of two children ages 7 and 4 years old. Her profession is a registered nurse and has worked with children for almost 20 years as a pediatric and mom/baby nurse.

Vanessa loves to share her hands-on ideas and printable designs with other busy caregivers, so that they can enjoy quality time with their own children. She believes learning should be full of fun and plenty of play!

Little Hands Learn was created with a love for hands-on learning and homeschooling. Anita and Vanessa believe that learning with play should be enjoyed in as many homes as possible.

That is why we created a planner that is affordable and convenient. These plans are a mix of Montessori inspiration at home, Charlotte Mason, and hands-on Bible lessons.


Ready to get started? Grab one of our favorite unit studies.

1: Intro to Earth 2.0

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2: Seasons and Time 2.0

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3: Outer Space 2.0

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